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My current research examines a genealogy of technologies used for the coding of affect.  This specific project fits into a larger interest in working with theories of affect and visual culture – particularly digital media – more broadly.  In this section you can find a few samples of my writing, in varying degrees of formality and rigor, concerned with these interests.

Shame, Empathy and Looking Practices: Lessons from a Disability Studies Classroom

This piece, co-authored with Lisa Cartwright, examines the circulation of affect in the spectatorship of images of disability.

Hors Categorie: An Experiment in Embodied, Affective New Media

In this lengthy essay, I first examine a specific history of blood doping in the Tour de France through a discussion of technologies of the body and ethics.  I then suggest that approaching ethics through an affective lens might allow us to emerge from the impasse of normative ethics that disciplines that body in doping discourse.  Finally, I present a digital game that allows us to experiment with these theoretical knots.

Queer Dissonance: The gendered performativity of sound in Derek Jarman’s Blue

In this essay I examine pretty much just what the title says!

Shame of a Nation: Notes towards an Affective Democracy

This work, which engages closely with Wendy Brown, Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick, and Silvan Tomkins, considers the role of resentment and shame in political formations.

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