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I produce different forms of digital media, ranging from video to experimental sound work to game design. I’m currently working on what I hope will be the definitive Jewish cultural iPhone application. Between academic ­– and thus more experimental – ventures, I worked for cineBlast! Productions in New York City. I also teach digital video production, focusing largely on documentary forms. Here are some examples of my work and that of my students:

Hors Catégorie

an experiment in embodied, affective interactive fiction
(with Chris Calabro, 2007, interactive fiction)

A work of interactive fiction, set along the Tour de France bicycling race, Hors Catégorie experiments with bodies, bio­technologies, ethics, affect, virtuality, and what it all has to do with new media ‘writing.’

It can be accessed at:

Family Values;

or, scattered speculations of the topic of resistance
(2005, Video, 8”)
Drawing inspiration from comic books, Foucault, and phenomenology, this work critically examines the (troubled) relationship between liberal democratic notions of resistance and the truth­making practices of mainstream documentary practice.

Princeton University: Communicating Sustainability

(2008­ – Present, Video, Audio, various)
For the past few years I have been involved in a project with the Office of Sustainability Research at Princeton University. I have been teaching an intensive course where students produce video and audio projects concerning sustainability issues. Examples of our efforts can be found here:

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